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And philosophy is the science that deals with the essence, attributes, causes and effects of natural things (please do not take literally this mechanistic statement for your own life). And sometimes we like to use the term philosophy as a way of understanding, interpreting or making sense of life and the way we live life, and how joyfully we make it happen.

And may be something I like in Sustainability is that care for those things you handle, love for those people you deal with and the place you live in, and comprehensiveness and respect for those who are closer as well as those who might be further, needs to be practiced and accounted for in any Sustainability approach. Even if you might accept losing them, you will probably try to keep them alive in their very essence, making them sustainable, fresh and vivid (ready to live the paradox that it could be painful).

But how to face the fact that underappreciated day-to-day, useless routine, or tricky figures, play around, asking for rush and reactive attitudes. How to become more the inspirational observer rather than the extra pressure-maker? What if we acted and performed in the flow rather than waiting or asking for external orders making us move forward? What if we really belonged to the Big Team in which true confidence makes everyone taking her/his unique place?

Then I found that in addition to developing people (and myself), resource efficiency in the broadest sense might be threatening, you know, it really challenges you and the way you do things; and everyone has its own status. For the kid, developing others meant to see them bigger than her/himself…

But it is absolutely valuable facing the challenge and somehow taking it seriously, step by step, starting up with minor details that could help introducing in a sustained and fair way the small change and the minor improvements that give a path to a vision that deals with Sustainability. With what Sustainability is about. And getting ready to come to the beginning for the next round and find yourself in the contradiction of your own old understanding. And being aware that it will (hopefully) happen next time again.