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EUROPE´s current Work Program 2016 – 2017 on «SECURE, CLEAN and EFFICIENT ENERGY» emphasizes a stronger focus on consumer-related issues ‘Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency’

This sub-area of ‘Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency’ aims at changing consumer behaviour with respect to the uptake of sustainable energy solutions. Envisioning a future in which private consumers should be more aware and active, as well as playing a more prominent role by producing energy for their own consumption, where this is possible. Engagement actions are therefore needed to address non technological barriers and to achieve behavioural change towards more sustainable choices and decisions for energy.

May be one of the key success factors in this soft and long term process will be switching the CONSUMER role into an active USER role, that in my view will bring much more learning to better use and manage energy rather than that pasive figure of energy waste, in which sometimes looks like energy just happens to missuse itself.

While more mature concepts of energy efficiency management, technology systems and common understanding help us in the learning process, in INSOLATIO we recently launched our «Know Your Energy» training program aiming at a direct interaction with energy users of different profiles.


What is «Know Your Energy Program» about?

It is a practical and fast workshop experience (2 to 4 hours) in which attendees get in touch with:

– Household labelling and energy monitoring

– Energy Performance of Buildings labelling and calification

– Practical experience on how to measure energy at home (as well as in the office)

– Tips and hints for energy savings

– Knowledge transfer home – to – job; job – to – home

– Energy mapping tools and energy efficiency basic concepts

– How to know your energy use profile and fine tune your energy supply contract

– Energy waste, different alternatives and specific ways of wasting energy

– Thermography as a mean to energy visualization: where does energy flow to?

– Understanding the energy bill


How do we stimulate engagement?

During the training we:

– share experience on current energy use levels with the different participants

– support them on knowing their home energy patterns

– benchmark home and on-the-job efficiency improvement opportunities

– identify key learnings for the upcoming future

– prioritize identified improvement actions

– get familiar with alternative energy sources, technologies and equipment

– open the path for future action plans on individual energy savings and collective initiatives

– grow the basic concepts, best practices and knowledge related to energy efficiency

– opportunities arising from more efficienct energy management

– ICT apps as energy use monitoring tool


Connecting the bigger framework

From the single and simple practice during the active workshop it becomes much easier to set up the connections with a broad range of initiatives and opportunities dealing with energy efficiency in daily life as well as in different scopes of activity and sectors. Catalized by the starters and low cost opportunities identified during the training sessions, the trainees will keep on identifying further alternatives for the circular economy starting on energy efficiency.

In this way, and in sinergy with ongoing energy efficiency investment programs, technology initiatives, regulatory actions and sustainability projects, trainees get a closer and more motivational approach to the energy efficiency arena while raising their level of contribution to final energy efficiency goals.