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A kind of a missing message in the succesful and fully-booked event held yesterday at Politecnic University in Valencia was dealing with the ambitions in the Networks Connected Devices Sector to improve their devices’ operating performance in terms of energy efficiency.

The amount of energy per NCD may be consider as not relevant yet the ramp up of connected devices is huge and keeps international bodies pushing on the topic…


This following  lines are a transcription of IPEEC (International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation-IPEEC_Annual_Report_2015___Web_21Jan)


«Initiatives for collaboration between governments and manufacturers:

• Voluntary targets: Develop targets for the energy use of some connected devices in network standby mode.

• Voluntary protocols and standards: Accelerate technical protocols and standards that enhance the  efficiency of networked devices and promote the agreed design principles for manufacturers.

• Energy aware devices: Encourage the introduction of “smarter” appliances and equipment that can provide or display real-time information on their energy consumption.

• Intelligent efficiency: Stimulate the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for improved energy management.

• Raise awareness and educate through a centre of excellence and the launch of an awards scheme.

«These initiatives would provide a framework for governments to better understand the issues and their options, and determine their own responses»