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Deployment of Energy Efficiency management systems across organizations aims at a new outlook, a different way of managing processes as well as finer accuracy when dealing with understanding of ongoing energy flows and their impact on the value stream.


Several transitions have been identified below the umbrella of what a new vision and future state in energy efficiency ought to ambition:


  1. Maintenance: switching the time scale into the energy scale
  2. Control systems: evolving events management into processes management
  3. Production system: integration of the energy ingredient
  4. Quality: structuring the energy efficiency dimension
  5. Environment: moving towards sustainability – Unconsciousness > Indolence > Remediation > Prevention > Sustainability  > ++ Contribution
  6. Energy transmission in three levels: Information – Hardware – Power
  7. Emissions: turning estimates into accurate data
  8. Safety and prevention: from probabilistic monitoring to continuous supervision
  9. Process management: switching events into flow management
  10. Utilities: evolving “back up” concept into distributed energy modalities generation, management and control
  11. Community: fostering awareness and transferability work place <> home <> community
  12. Manufacturing: clearer managing distinction on 1.utilities (ESCO) – 2.production & processes – 3.operations performance