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PPG is the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive coatings, industry and architecture that operates in Spain two centers of productive excellence based in Laguna de Duero (Valladolid) and Quart de Poblet (Valencia). Together with the PPG automotive plants in Italy, Quattordio (Alessandria) and Canada (Naples) are immersed in the development of their strategic plans for the energetic transition of their operations.

From the direction, management and performance of its operations, the competitiveness and the global leadership in the various lines of business of PPG are supported in values and key actions in terms of:

-Safety and risk prevention

-Respect and environmental care

-Continuous, personal and professional development and health promotion

-Integration and promotion of innovation as a catalyst for transitions and facilitator in the management of change

Within the framework of the current action to adapt the business operations to the legal compliance established by the directives of the European Energy Efficiency Directive DIR 2012/27 EU, two priority actions have been particularized oriented to Formal fulfillment of the aforementioned royal decree. These actions are the ISO50001 certification, and the development of energy audits according to the current legal framework, in both productive centers, finding the first of them, the ISO50001 certification, completed, and the second one planned in the first Quarter of 2017.

At the organisational level, the transposition of the European Energy Efficiency directive points to the figure of the internal energy auditor as an emergent function in the medium term in the organizations affected by its scope. Based on a technical profile (i.e. engineering), specific activities related to the emerging energy efficiency management area have been identified:

– Development of the management system according to ISO50001

– Coordination and supervision of energy audits

– Development of the Energy Efficiency program

– Introduction of schemes to facilitate the use of energy services

– Development of the structure of indicators for the management of energy efficiency

– Development of the energy efficiency methodology as a support for excellence in operations

– Structure of management of the information related from the operations to the management and supervision of processes


The main objective of the project is to propose a modernization Plan to convert the main Headquarters (Torre San Bernardino) of the Ministry of the Popular Power for electricity in the first intelligent building of the Venezuelan public administration, giving The example as the governing body in the field of electrical energy for the rest of the country, in relation to the potentialities and benefits of this initiative.


Diagnose the potential for modernization, integration and control of the San Bernardino Tower systems in terms of energy efficiency
To establish a proposal for the modernization, integration, automation and control of the San Bernardino Tower systems in terms of energy efficiency, with the vision of converting it into an intelligent building with centralized monitoring and control.
The present project also has a twofold purpose; On the one hand, to develop an inventory of the main energy-consuming equipment and facilities, as well as their consumption patterns, and to study possible corrective measures or behavioural patterns aimed at obtaining greater efficiency and savings Energy and on the other hand it is intended to establish energy indicators for the building and to compare the energetic behavior of the Torre San Bernardino with buildings of similar characteristics.
The project is implemented through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the modality of direct implementation (DIM), in accordance with the rules and regulations of the aforementioned agency, established in the policies and procedures of UNDP programs and operations (POPP).


On the other hand, in order to establish synergies between CORPOLEC, the Ministry of the People’s power of the electric energy and the consulting company carry out a series of complementary activities, which will serve as basis for elaborating future proposals of improvement of The energy efficiency of the building e to involve the staff of the MPPEE and CORPOLEC in the project.

These activities have been as follows:

Energy efficiency Questionnaire of the Torre San Bernardino.
As a starting point for the project and for the previous knowledge of the consultants of the State of the management of the energy efficiency in the building, the Ministry of the Popular Power of the electric energy is requested to fill a questionnaire of self-evaluation of the Energy efficiency.

Meetings and Roundtables: daily work meetings are established to address the fulfillment of the planning established in data taking and measurements in the building and open working tables of different nature related to the energy efficiency And the use of renewable energies in the building:

-Energy Questionnaire: What can be the objective?

-Energy indicators and indicator panels.
-Energy efficiency Management Panel; ISO 50001.
-Energy certification of buildings, software modeling.
-Measurement structure and measurement strategy.
-Integration of renewable technologies in the building.
-Architecture and control system.