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…Then it happens that most of people and organisations have survived, coped and even well performed so far with their current levels of energy performance, energy efficiency and clean technology state of the art; let´s say «your future partners are not currently anxious of enjoying your energy efficiency potential, solutions and excellences». 

Thus we are willing to accurately frame our future contribution to customers´s results by means of energy efficiency initiatives based on:

  • Competence: capacity to improve, either by finding a solution to a problem or making overall and especific systems better performance happen

  • Confidence: based on the ability to appropriately reduce complexity

  • Authenticity, both as individuals as well as relationally we act genuinely and in harmony, thus building trust and confidence

  • Plausibility, our ambitions, promises, and project goals are factual, coherent and believable

  • Formality: newness and necessity to innovate do not prevent us of adequately following the rules – we know how to identify and manage risks

Antoher way of putting together somehow all-of-the-above-stated, in the context of energy efficiency when kicking off new projects, might be using a single mapping matrix like this one following:

Coaching for Energy Efficiency_ Action Oriented 121115