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«In most of the cases it is not about the use of new technology; but about the capacity to envision our processes and activities in a different way; that is the reason why our main task is devoted to facilitate thinking tools of different kind, aiming at creativity as well as metholology when facing energy efficiency challenges»


Upcoming models :

M1.- Speed drive: acapacity to addapt the energy consumption and power rates to variable to a changing demand

–        Identification of operational management and control in steps

–        Identification of operational management control ramp up – ramp down

–        Set up process fences by means of limits in control parameters


M2.- KERS (kinetic energy recovery system): process design is performed in a way that allows iniertia recovery in different energy modalities

–          Shut down protocols consider for energy recovery

–          Start up protocols manage energy recovery

–          Key parameters set up clearly identify when it does make sense to push for energy recovery


M3.- Chip: structure integration and consolidation by means of energy transport optimization

M4.- LASER: development of new radical energy applications

M5.- Mother board: integration of different process functional units to the energy grid

M6.- District heating: potential central management of energy services in ESCO model. GAP analysis

M7.- Distributed energy generation: assembly and integration of different energy generation units

M8.- Technology assessment of overall energy eficiency:

8.1. Accessibility to energy potential – technology driver

8.2. Energy usability – equipment driver

8.3. Energy efficiency – process driver